Chapter 187 – Club Foundation Stones

Following incredible ingenuity, persistence and enjoyment, we are celebrating our fifth year of existence. We have thrived for eighteen hundred and twenty-seven days, establishing a club playing in Scotland and England and leading the organisation of the first international football association match. We are following the lead of our Scottish rugby brethren, who organised the first international rugby match in Edinburgh, 27 March 1871. Scotland’s genius in the pursuit of international competition holds no bounds.

Henry Smith (President) chairs tonight’s meeting, flanked by Archibald Rae (Secretary) and William Keay (Treasurer), with Robert Gardner (Captain) heading up the other end of the table. These four men are the most powerful in the club, and are in charge of reviewing yesterday, understanding today and creating tomorrow for Queens Park Football Club.

“The three foundation stones of a successful sports club are constitution, membership and infrastructure. I believe we are demonstrating capability in two of the three; however, infrastructure needs to become a priority.”, said Henry Smith.

I look up, smiling to myself and avoiding eye contact. Infrastructure is what I have always wanted, and I want to become the fifth man in the Committee’s ranks.

“Now onto our upcoming Athletic Games. Tuesday, 30 July 1872 is proposed as Opening Day. All in favour say ‘Aye’.”, said Henry.

“Aye.”, boomed the entire Committee.

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