Chapter 186 – Committee and Constitution

The first rays of Glasgow summer pierce through the window, illuminating my diary, which states Sunday, 30th June 1872. I close the journal and pick up the letter from Islay. Emelia is a wondrous wordsmith, and the letter contains all the stories from the last three weeks since I left. The children are happy, playing in the fresh island air, away from the Glaswegian smog, and the whisky distillery has had its record annual yield.

Hugh Hudson and Iain Falcon have now accepted our offer. Hugh has come to Glasgow and is supporting me set up the Retail outlet on the Broomielaw, and has rooms in Berkeley Street. Iain is now in Edinburgh supporting James Mackenzie. Both men’s mariner skills are essential for our reputation, as they will speak the same language as those purchasing our documents. You have to make the best of what life deals you. Adversity brings opportunity, and fate has brought us together.

This week is our Committee Meeting of Queens Park Football Club. Our Constitution states that the Committee will meet once a month from April to October and during the winter months. We are focusing on our plans to hold our first Athletic Games at the end of July.
July and August will restore health and well-being to the top of my to-do list.

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