Chapter 182 – Settling A Debt

We spend the night consuming a sumptuous dinner provided by our fabulous cook, Effie. At the end of the meal, Emelia whisks up the children for bed. A child’s conscious mind quickly forgets, but I am concerned about their unconscious state.

“I will be up soon,” I said to Emelia, “One last nightcap.”

“You are in with the boys. Remember what we agreed,” said Emelia before departing with our three children.

I stand at the fireplace, Kilnave whisky in hand, savouring every delicious drop of fiery, peaty liquid. I mould myself into the large armchair and raise a glass to Iain Falcon and Hugh Hudson, who are quietly staring into their whisky glasses.

“Slàinte Mhath.”

They gingerly raise their glass. The night before, they were able seamen, and tonight they are contemplating their unknown future.

“Gentlemen, last night we nearly lost everything. Without your quick thinking, self-belief and courageousness, we would not be here. We are eternally grateful, forever in your debt, and I have an offer for you.”

We spend the rest of the evening discussing their future. Amazing what a good whisky will do for you.

I head off to bed, stop in to kiss the girls goodnight, and head off to the boy’s room. No matter how bad life becomes, tomorrow is always an opportunity to reset.

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