Chapter 180 – Silence, Shock, Grief

The gathering of mourners leave, and I find Emelia with the children at the Post Office, in deep conversation with the Post Master, explaining last night’s events. We gather and provide our own testimony and brutal detail of last night.

“We will hold a joint ceremony for all those lost, tomorrow,”, said the Minister.

“That quick?” I blurt out, while Emelia shoots me a discording look.

“Yes this is the island way. Preparations will be made, and the service will be held at noon.”
I turn to Iain Falcon and Hugh Hudson, “Will you come and stay with us?”

The two men, exhausted, tired and haunted from last night’s events, nod slowly. There is no place else for them to go.

“One question. Where are we staying, and why does everyone know Emelia?”, enquires Iain Falcon.

“Ah, well lets just say everyone on this island knows her.” I wink at Emelia, breaking the most torrid of moments in our lives.

“My family built the Kilnave Whisky Distillery, and export across the globe. Our family is stretched across the Empire, and I am in charge of our Glasgow Headquarters.”, said Emelia.

“Why is it called Kilnave?” asked Hugh Hudson.

“Kilnave derives from the Gaelic word Naomh, which means saint or holy.”

“Emelia’s family are divine spirits, indeed.”, I said, laughing inwardly.

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