Chapter 179 – Waves of Tears

Captain MacDonald faces the assembled crowd, where murmurs fall silent, and waves lap against the pier’s pillars, providing sombre background noise, “The Osprey was lost last night in heavy seas, and these people are the only survivors.”

The brutal honesty of the situation turns my stomach, and shocked silence breaks with a dramatic emotional outpouring.

“Console each other in the Islay way.”, said Captain MacDonald.

Tears stream down faces, and people begin to disperse, returning to their homes with the sense of grief palpable, in a way I have not seen before. Life and death are part of the islands, although rarely felt on this scale.

Captain MacDonald finds Port Ellen’s Minister, who takes control of the situation.

“I need to inform the company and authorities. There is much to do.”, said the Minister.

The Minister’s experience is clear and focuses on the issues at hand. If emotion takes over, nothing will get done, and the tragedy will linger.

“Excuse me, my wife Emelia is from the island and is currently informing the Post Master.”

Both the Captain and Minister raise their eyebrows in astonishment and whisper, “Emelia Ure?”

Emelia’s name always receives a reaction, “Yes.” I said, “When is the next ship bound for Glasgow?”

“Twelve Noon, three days from now.”, replied the astonished Captain.

“I will be there.”

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