Chapter 177 – Kilnaughton Beach, Islay

Pàdair and Simidh, our two newly introduced saviours, tow our rescued party into Kilnaughton beach, where we reach dry land. Mother Nature has demonstrated life’s fragility and showed the force of her ferocious capability.

Emelia and the children gather into a family hug. I have never felt such proximity to Death, who was trying to shepherd us into the next world. Fortunately, our combined bravery saved us from the North Channel’s perils and not join the seventy souls lost from the Osprey.

The relief wears quickly, and the exhausting shock of last night’s events punches me in the stomach. I lie on the beach, star fished, look up into the blue skies and attempt to rationalise the previous evening’s events. I never thought our crossing would end like this.

Emelia stands over me, blocking the sun and bends down for one kiss and whispers in my ear, “We are the lucky ones and must let the authorities know. Families are praying, hoping, and waiting.”

Port Ellen is a short distance away, and we bid our thanks to our two heroes. We will thank their bravery properly later; however, more pressing matters await.

The two-storey white houses, situated along the crescent bay, shine in the sun as we trudge towards the harbour, where the people of Islay gather, waiting for news.

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