Chapter 174 – Open Sea Drift

In the chaos last night, our oars are lost, and our fate lies at the mercy of the tide. Emelia commands at the front of the boat while the two exhausted crewmen make themselves comfortable beside me. The children sleep together in a family bundle, keeping each other warm.

“I am Iain Falcon, and this is Hugh Hudson.”, said Iain, introducing our two crewmen.

I point toward the bow, “Emelia knows every inch of this coastline. We are in knowledgeable and safe hands.”

Emelia turns around and points, “Look, there is Kilnaughton Beach.”

Our boat, containing the sunken Osprey’s survivors, drifts towards Islay; however, there is still a mile to complete. Emelia explains the coastline to us and points to Port Ellen, which is now in focus, and we start to consider our options.

“I am a strong swimmer,” explains Iain.

“You will not be able to beat this tide.”, explains Emelia. “These seas are unpredictable, and our best hope is this lifeboat.” Iain concedes defeats, suffering from exhaustion from last night’s extreme exertion. “We must ride this out. The fishing boats will sail from harbour after the storm, and the port is expecting us to have arrived this morning.”

“They will send a search party to look for us?”

“This is Islay. They understand the power of the sea.”

2 thoughts on “Chapter 174 – Open Sea Drift

  1. This is getting very exciting, Graeme. You are a fine writer. It’s brilliant stuff. I also want to congratulate you on your STV appearance. I thought you were a TV natural. You are some man.


    1. Hi Martin. Great that you are keeping aboard. Its some journey and thanks for the feedback on the STV appearance – its been some week! Hope you are looking forward to the Euros – we are going to make the most of it! All the best Graeme


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