Chapter 167 – Margaret Macquarrie Scott

The best part of my job is getting told things you already know. Anne alerted me to Margaret Scott’s new appointment to run the Dean of Guild Contract during our morning briefing.

I walk out into the office and walk over towards Margaret’s desk. Margaret was brought up in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, and has an artistic, creative and intelligent aptitude beyond anything I have ever seen. James Mackenzie spotted her talent as a receptionist in our Edinburgh office and brought her to Glasgow to learn the trade.

I walk around Margaret’s desk and stand waiting for her to put down her scribe.

“Time for a break.”, I said.

We make our way to the main entrance.

“I’ll need my coat if we are going outside.”, said Margaret.

Our office has a single door access at the building’s main entrance; however, there is a spiral staircase to the upper floors, “No need, we are going upstairs.”

We walk up to the first floor and unlock the door, “The rest of the building became vacant, and I purchased it on reasonable terms. Your Dean of Guild Contract team will move here.”

Margaret looks across the empty floor, smiling, “I will not let you down.”

The statement absorbs into the walls of the room. I think Margaret was speaking to more than just me.

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