Chapter 166 – Hope Street, Headquarters

The following morning I take the train into Glasgow and enjoy the walk up Hope Street. In the office reception, Anne, our receptionist, is in deep conversation with one of the cartographers. The discussion ends abruptly, but I am sure I hear ‘Mary’ mentioned in the final phrase.

“Good morning.”, I said.

Margaret, one of Thompson & French’s most promising recruits, hurries away while Anne hands me my morning report.

“What happened yesterday?” asks Anne.

“I enacted my contingency plan. Come with me to my office, please.”

Over the next thirty minutes, I discuss yesterday’s events while she briefs me on the rumours circulating the office. Everyone thinks she is just a receptionist; however, Anne is so much more.

“Very insightful, Anne. Could you please ask Robert MacLeod and John Grant to come in?”

Robert and John sit on the chairs opposite, and I hand them the North British Daily Mail, “Gentlemen, this advert will support our recruitment plan.”

John, our Head Clerk, smiles broadly, “Selecting new talent is the best challenge. I will set to work immediately,” John stands and leaves the room.

“Have you slept?” I ask Robert.

“Not much.”

“Mary has that effect.”

Robert bursts out laughing, showing confidence returning, “I am putting Margaret in charge of the Dean of Guild Contract.”

“Excellent idea. You are learning fast.”

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