Chapter 165 – Smashing Through Boundaries

The new machinery gleams in the sunlight, “The genius of your design, requires minimal staff, and allowed the plan to be accelerated.”, I said.

“All we need to do now is to take down the fence.”, said Alexander.

“Great minds think alike.”, I said, and we walk over to the fence separating the two sites, where I had placed two sledgehammers earlier, “There is no time like the present.”

We take one each and smash through the fence, bringing both operational units together.

“The tramline opens in three months. You and Robert have a matter of weeks to produce all the material required.”

“I have no idea how we will do that?”

“I believe in you. I have placed a recruitment advert in tomorrow’s newspaper. You need the brightest and the best.”

I leave Alexander to explain to our staff and head home. I don’t bother taking off my coat, grab the dog lead and head out into Pollokshields with Duke.

You will always notice a dog, who is getting close to its usual roaming grounds. As soon as we cross Queens Drive, Duke pulls on the lead, nose in the air and strains to roam free. I let him off his leash and enter Queens Park.

There is no doubt. The next three months are going to be busy.

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