Chapter 164 – Our Intellectual Property

Alexander Campbell stands, arms crossed, with a demeanour fractured by guilt, “I see you’ve installed an Otis steam elevator?“

“One of your elaborate necessities.”

Alexander dissects his predicament, “I have a small black book, where I logged all my ideas and created a future printworks design.”

“You mean this one?” I said, pulling a black book out of my pocket.

Alexander’s mouth opens, “I would have told you about it.”

I ignore this admission, “We consulted you every step of the way. All of your ideas were created on work time, while I paid you handsomely. They are Thompson & French’s intellectual property, not yours. I am sure you would have told me; however, I was not going to let this design go to the highest bidder.”

I reflect on the warning from Mary back in a candlelit office, “One of the keys to successful management is recognising when to increase operational capacity. As soon as we won the new contracts in Glasgow, I put into place my plan to treble our production scale.”

Alexander takes a deep breath, “Is this plan currently fixing Robert’s problem as well?”

I start laughing, “You are catching up quick: one day, I am sure you will meet her.”

“Her?” blurts out, Alexander.

I look straight into Alexander’s eyes, “We need to get to work.”

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