Chapter 163 – Printworks Number Two

“I have always had my eye on this. Fortunately, it came up for sale, and I snapped it up.”, I said.

Alexander Campbell and I walk around the newly paved yard and loading bay. I hand him the keys, and Alexander stands in bewilderment, looking at them, chewing on the puzzle confronting him.

Finally, Alexander composes himself, proceeds into the building, and pulls up the loading bay doors, throwing daylight onto the new printing machinery. His silent inspection continues, walking across the workshop floor and up the corrugated steel staircase up to the first floor. A gangway surrounds the entire process providing the supervisory vantage point on the operation below.

Alexander proceeds up to the next level and walks to the rear half of the building. The printworks splits into two blocks: an open plan to the front, with the rear covering three floors, two administration and one for management. There are three floors beneath the ground for warehousing.

I remain at reception, and after fifteen minutes, Alexander returns, utterly bemused but at the same time seething with anger. As if his career plan had just taken a massive step backwards and realised a worthy adversary had outsmarted him.

“How on earth could you build this without my knowledge? More importantly, this is my design.”, said Alexander.

“Yes, I know.”

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