Chapter 162 – Alexander Cullen Campbell

In Glasgow’s Southside, Princes Street is perfectly positioned close, with easy access to the city and all routes to the South, West and East by road. Furthermore, the street is situated less than half a mile from Springfield Quay, providing access to the world via the Clutha.

I stand beside Alexander Campbell outside the adjacent site to our Printworks. Alexander was brought up in Crown Street, Hutchesontown, in the heart of the Gorbals, and served his apprenticeship in Randolph, Elder & Co.’s shipyard. Emelia’s cousin, Isabella, was married to the late John Elder, so I picked his brains for a suitable candidate back in 1865 when I was looking for an operational manager. Alexander was a rising star, and I made him an offer, which he couldn’t refuse.

“I nearly forgot. Who won the shooting competition yesterday? Did Billy Mackinnon beat you?” I asked.

“Hah. Do you know Charles Ingram?”

“Ah, Ingram’s. He owns the gun and rifle manufacturing business on Renfield Street.”

“The very one. Well, ‘Old Charley’ turned up and blew us all away. I scored higher than Billy, though – a victory of sorts.”

We proceed into the grounds, where there is one large fence concealing the site from the other, “I was wondering what was going on over here.”, said Alexander.

“Meet the your expanded world, Alexander.”

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