Chapter 154 – Specification of Requirements

Robert Macleod retrieves the tramline map from the drawing office, and we walk out onto Hope Street, where my carriage waits.

“Take us to the corner of Park Road and Great Western Road, please?”, I shout up to David Mackintosh, my coachman, who will take me anywhere I require, day or night.

Robert pulls the map out of his pocket. He unfolds it, “Now I know you are going to like this. As requested this measures 24″ by 16″ and Alexander Campbell has sourced the most robust and flexible material available, enabling it to fold many times.”

I take the map, review its durability between my fingertips, fold it and slot it into my pocket, “Very good indeed.”

I look out the window, where the dark skies have attracted my attention. The rain is starting to bounce on the streets of Cowcaddens, “Looks like we are going to get wet?”

“Excellent timing. I was wondering how I was going to show you this. May I have the map back?”, said Robert, reaching out for his creation.

The pride of his tradecraft radiates from his face. “Glaswegians need to deal with our weather and built into the specification.” Robert holds the map out the window for fifteen seconds and pulls it back in.

Robert’s smile is ear to ear, “Watch this.”

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