Chapter 153 – Wing Clipping Exercise

The early start in my thinking vault is a success. I close my journal and return upstairs. Robert Macleod, Thompson & French’s new Director bursts in, nose deep in his paper, and throws his jacket on the coat stand.

Before he has a chance to turn around, I said, “Good Morning, Robert.” Robert freezes and turns around, face flushed, “Have you been making yourself at home?”

“Ahh. Well, you see.”, I could see Robert’s brain search for a plausible excuse, “This office has been empty for weeks, and John Grant needed my office to manage the personal affairs of the staff. So I thought I would make use of it.”

The air between us freezes, “This is my chair, my coat stand, my arrangements, which at a moment’s notice, I may need. There is no booking system, and I am certainly not renting this to anyone. If you need an office, build one.” I could see him visibly shrink into the wall, “Have I made myself clear?”

Robert nods, and the air begins to thaw in the room. “You are not working here today. We are reviewing the tramline contract, and you need the latest version of the map for it.”

“Of course, right away, Sir.”, said Robert, dashing out of the office.

Robert will never again enter my office uninvited.

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