Chapter 152 – New Path Idea

I rise early, pick up my leather briefcase and travel to the office. There is an idea bubbling in my brain, which needs committing to paper.

The office is in darkness and an image of the early days of Thompson & French floats into my head. Anyone who has started a business knows this feeling of stepping into an empty building: rooms bare, floors dusty, and windows dirty. You cling onto your undoubting belief in your proposition, skillset and experience to create your new organisation within the walls.

The door opens easily, and I proceed inside to my office, push ten countries on the wall to reveal the stairwell to my thinking vault. I proceed downstairs, light the fire, settle into my chair and commit the latest idea into my journal.

Last night I read the Glasgow Herald’s sporting intelligence, and it occurred to me the brevity of the coverage. Sport is exploding across the city and beyond, with thousands of stories happening each day. These need to be documented and explored to understand the stories behind the story. There are endless potential readers to consume them and various ways to present the information.

One overriding concept remains; ‘interest, creates interest’. What should I call it? As the orange flames dance across black mountains of fuel, the answer slowly presents itself.

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