Chapter 148 – Sunday Relaxation Test

I gently open my eyes, as my brain surveys my body, finding exhausted legs and bruises from yesterday’s footballing labour on Flesher Haugh.

Emilia is sitting up in bed beside me, reading. “Good morning. Unlike you to sleep past nine o’clock?”, she said, her green eyes absorbing my gaze with loving affection.

“Indeed, a tiring week, although filled with accomplishment.”

“Are we going to church this morning?”

“I think for one week, we can make our excuses?”

The quiet Sunday morning’s slumbers don’t last long. Our three children, who have been listening from the other side of the door, burst into the room. Arabella and Lewis vault onto the bed, whereas Adair waits patiently to be hoisted, with outstretched arms.

The family unit completes, when Duke, our Swiss Mountain dog, nonchalantly pads in and finds his preferred spot; hunkers down and watches over us.

“Are we going to church?”, said Arabella, our bouncing nine-year-old and chief mischief-maker.
Lewis, seven years old, and Adair, four years old, both clasp their hands in prayer, “Pretty please.”

Emelia and I burst out laughing at the ironic sign of their request. “Okay, then.”, said Emelia, winking in my direction.

All three kids start jumping up and down. Life is about chasing dreams, although sometimes you have to stop and enjoy everything you already have.

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