Chapter 147 – Glorious Football Aftermath

Alexander Campbell joins Billy Mackinnon and I, at the side of the pitch. “How are the legs, Alexander?”, I ask.

“They are fine. In fact, would you like another kick-about?”, Alexander said.

Billy cuts in and reminds him, “We have a big parade tomorrow, Alexander. Our Lieutenant-Colonel will have your head hanging from his bayonet if you are not impeccable.”

“We also have a big week, Alexander. Don’t overdo it.”, I said. I have high hopes for Alexander at Thompson & French.

Billy and Alexander make their farewells and head off into the Glasgow evening, talking about their beloved Third Lanark Rifle Volunteers.

I walk over to the four men left on Fleshers’ Haugh, where William McBeath remains in a heap on the ground, “I think you might be in your bed for a week, William.”, I said laughing.
Moses McNeil, Peter McNeil and Peter Campbell turn and greet me.

“What did you think?”, asks Moses.

“Reminded me of our first game, six years ago, in the Queens Park Recreation Ground. From that moment, we realised we had something special. Rangers is a little acorn, and you will need all your guile, determination and bloodymindedness, to grow it into a mighty oak.”

I turn on my heels and shout back, “Good night, gentlemen. I am sure our paths will cross again.”

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