Chapter 145 – Twenty Two Men

Glasgow Green looks magnificent. I look back to when I met Rangers’ founders in Berkeley Street, where Moses McNeil thundered past me in a race. I am determined to show him a thing or two on the football field.

Billy Mackinnon and I see others jogging towards the pitch on Fleshers’ Haugh. “There is Harry McNeil, brother of Moses and Peter. You will remember him from some of our Queens Park training sessions.”, explains Billy, “There is Alexander Campbell from my 3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers Regiment and two lads from Eastern, John Hunter and William Miller.”

“Alexander manages my Print Works, and I asked Moses to invite him.”, I said.
The home team assemble, “Afternoon”, said Alexander, “beautiful spring day isn’t it?”

“A historic day and we need to thank William McBeath, as he is the chief organiser.”

William McBeath, Peter Campbell, Moses McNeil and Peter McNeil break out into in-depth discussion. The four founders are ensuring their first match will go to plan.

“William invited a team of friends from his hometown of Callander to form the opposition.”, explains Billy.

William brings over the Callander team and completes introductions. The home team includes four borrowed players dressed in team colours with the remainder wearing civvies.

Twenty-two men march onto the pitch and Rangers’ Football Club’s first game kicks off.

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