Chapter 144 – Glasgow’s Fleshers Haugh

April passes into May without drama. Thompson & French’s new Directors, James Hogg and Robert MacLeod are now running the company’s business affairs in Scotland, while I have taken time out. The rest and recovery are rewarding with time spent with Emelia and the children. Lewis, Arabella and Adair are growing at an astonishing speed.

My spring holiday ends today with a sporting contest. James Hogg’s friends have arranged their first football match, and I am travelling to play in it.

I meet Billy Mackinnon, a member of Queens Park, at the Southside Terminal train station and we walk along Caledonian Street, past the Southern Necropolis, down York Street, cross St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge and turn right towards our destination.

“This has an interesting history, Billy. In 1746, Charles Edward Stuart arrived here with his army. Glasgow merchants provided garments and provisions in return for a peaceful stay; otherwise, Charles’ army would have sacked the city.”, I said.

“Glasgow’s commercial brain wins the day. But that doesn’t explain its name though?”, said Billy.

“Why, yes. This land was once owned by the Incorporation of Fleshers’ or butchers, to you and me. A Haugh is a low lying meadow beside a river.”

We stand and watch the two football teams start to assemble. The troops on Fleshers’ Haugh ready themselves once again.

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