Chapter 143 – Divide To Conquer

I stare into Robert McLeod’s eyes. Robert stares right back into mine. “You have passed the final test, Robert. I am promoting you to Director of Thompson & French. You and James Hogg are my trusted lieutenants and proven yourselves admirably. We are expanding, and the organisation needs to match our ambitious plans.”

Robert’s eyes change into dazzling stars of joy. “The sacrifice of work over life pays off.”, said Robert.

“Indeed, work hard, play hard. I have instructed John Grant to make the necessary changes to your remuneration.” I hand over an envelope containing Robert’s new salary details, including a business performance rated element.

Robert opens the envelope and eyes flash with excitement. “Mrs McLeod is going to be extremely pleased.”

“I am now putting you in charge of all our contracts in the West of Scotland. James will manage the East of Scotland.”

“And what about you?”
“The time is right to set our sights on expansion to the south.”

We leave the office and make the formal announcement on the floor to rapturous applause.

When I return to my office, Anne brings in a letter from Moses McNeil. “Mr McNeil is inviting you to play in their first football match.”, said Anne, smiling.

“Anne, prepare an acceptance letter at once. The football season is not over, after all.”

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