Chapter 142 – Assessment and Appraisal

I sit in Waverley Station waiting room and finish the letter to James Hogg, “I have every confidence in your ability to deliver success in our Edinburgh office. I will not return for two months, giving you ample space to progress our new plan.”

I hand the letter to the porter to post and make my way to the Glasgow train. The train arrives in Queen Street Station at ten o’clock, and I walk the short distance to 123 Hope Street.

“Good morning, Anne.”, I said to my receptionist.

“Robert is waiting in your office, as requested. He is very anxious.”, said Anne, showing signs of nerves herself.

I walk to my office at the end of the hall. As I pass the staff, I hear whispers, predicting the outcome of this meeting.

I stride into my office, “Good day, Robert.”

“Morning, boss.”, said Robert, trying to disguise his nervousness and failing, as he never calls me ‘boss’.

I sit down and grab my pen. “Well, let’s get to it. How do you rate your performance with the Trams contract?”

Robert’s face flushes with colour, “I am on time, budget and scope.”

“That is the ‘what’. What about the ‘how’?”

“I have worked every minute of every day.”

I twist the pen in the air and make one final assessment.

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