Chapter 141 – Robert Louis Stevenson

The man, draped in velvet, continues, “My friends call me Louis. Bob is my cousin and an aspiring artist. Charles Baxter, James Ferrier, and I study law at Edinburgh University.”

I introduce James Hogg and I, to the four friends.

“Welcome to our club. Your initiation is to accept our motto.”, said Louis.

James and I chorus together, “We disregard everything our parents taught us.”

With ale in free flow, several hours pass discussing our unconventional attitudes to life. “We are keen to learn about the business of this city.”, I said.

“I come from a well-connected family of engineers, famous for lighthouses, roads, bridges and railways,”, said Louis.

“Bell Rock Lighthouse is spectacular.”, and now the question I have held back, “I believe our cartography business could be useful to the Stevenson firm?”

“I will pass on your business details to my father.”

I manage to conceal my smile, “So Louis, if the law is not your future, what is?”

Louis’ face lights up and discusses his literary ambitions.

“We were just discussing the legend of Deacon Brodie.”, I said.

Louis laughs wickedly, “Yes, a great story, indeed.”

“Gentlemen, I must retire. I am leaving for Glasgow, early tomorrow.”

“We are going down the Lothian Road, James, would you join us?”

The jovial five men leave together. Mission accomplished.

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