Chapter 140 – Liberty, Justice, Reverence

We walk along the Royal Mile and stand atop a steep alley of steps, which used to be one of the most fashionable addresses in Edinburgh.

“James, learn these five lessons and inscribe them for all to see, at our offices. These are the bridges from which Thompson & French will stretch out to the world”, I said.

James Hogg laughed, “From despair to excitement in one afternoon, you need to come here more often.”

“I will do my best. Now we must find this group, which I have secured an introduction.” I look at my pocket watch, which displays four o’clock. “We are on time, James, please come into this public house of Advocates Close.”

The room is bright, flooded with light from a dozen paraffin lamps. Two large fires throw heat into the room, which is brimming with loud chatter.

At the bar, we gain the landlord’s attention, “I am looking for Mr R. L. Stevenson?”

“You mean Robert?”, replied the barman.

“Yes. Is Robert here?”

“He is always here.”, the barman laughs, pointing to a large table, where four men are seated immersed in conversation.

We walk across, “Good afternoon, gentlemen.”, I said.

One man, wearing a velvet jacket, stands and shakes my hand, “We have been waiting for you. Welcome to the Liberty, Justice and Reverence League.”

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