Chapter 139 – Joseph Black, Chemist

We order two pints of the local beer and close today’s enlightening lesson by turning to one of Scotland’s greatest scientific minds.

“Joseph Black went to Belfast at twelve years old to learn Greek and Latin, before being enrolled in Edinburgh University to study the arts, at the age of sixteen.”, I said.

“Amazing how young he was.”, said James Hogg.

“He moved between Glasgow and Edinburgh several times, and it was his work in Glasgow, where he had most success, becoming Professor of Chemistry at Glasgow University.”

“Yes, of course, his collaborations with James Watt, the brilliant engineer. Their partnership greatly improved steam engines. ”

“Black discovered carbon dioxide, or ‘fixed air’, as he named it, as well as clarifying the difference between temperature and heat.”

“I think I’ll stick to cartography.”, said James, laughing.

“Black moved back to Edinburgh to take up the same role at Edinburgh University. He held positions at two of the greatest universities in one career and still found time to create a unique club.”

“Ahh, you are talking about the Oyster Club? Where these brilliant minds would meet and discuss their knowledge and thinking.”

I stood putting my jacket on, “Yes I am sure you are able to work out the final lesson. Liberty, Justice and Reverence League awaits. Do you remember their motto?”

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