Chapter 132 – Crucible of Enlightenment

Edinburgh is the home of Scottish ingenuity, where the impossible becomes possible. This City has a beating heart of enlightened minds, who made, and continue to make, the modern world.

James Hogg and I leave our Queen Street Office, “We are going to discuss the inspiring stories of those who came here as unknown erudites and left as world-renowned geniuses. We are going to do what they did and use the same method to grow our company.”

“You are talking about Alison Rutherford?”, said James.

I nod in admiration. A few hours ago, worry and frustration filled James’ face and now following careful counsel, is replaced by a confident and calm expression.

We walk along Castle Terrace, looking up at Edinburgh’s main vantage point, “Alison Rutherford, poet and songstress, famously known as Mrs Cockburn, is one of the most important and unconventional icons in Scottish history.”, said James.

“Yes, James, who is the Alison Rutherford of 1872? We need to break convention to win over this City and are going to do it in our style. Again I prove you know the answer to your problem. You just needed me to convince you were right all along.”, I said.

“Henry Carey and Edward Fortis have no idea who they are dealing with.”, said James.

“No idea, whatsoever.”, I said, smiling.

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