Chapter 131 – Princes Street Station

I leave Glasgow and travel to our Edinburgh office. I spend one week each month with James Hogg, supporting the development of Thompson & French in our nation’s capital. I walk within the beautifully appointed New Town, reaching our building, situated at 26 – 27 Queen Street.

“Good morning, Margaret.”, I said to our new receptionist.

“Today is a beautiful day. How was your train journey?”, replied Margaret.

“Very amicable. I went via the Caledonian Railway Line disembarking at Princes Street Station.”

“The station was originally built in 1848 and called Lothian Road Station, then rebuilt in 1870 and renamed.”

“I see James has educated you on local landmarks.”

“Well, it is our business after all.”, said Margaret, laughing.

James emerges and ushers me to his office. “Carey & Fortis are one step ahead of us in this city.”, said James, exasperated, “They beat us at the final stage every time.”

“The foundation of winning is effective planning, execution, reflection and improvement, in a perpetual cycle. Follow this basic rule, and you will succeed.”, I said calmly, reminding James of first principles.

“We need a win to get us off and running.”

“Indeed. We need to improve our network. Today we are meeting members of the Liberty, Justice and Reverence League in Advocate’s Close. Their motto is ‘disregard, everything our parents taught us’.”

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