Chapter 121 – Football’s Newest Beginning

James Hogg and I warmly congratulate Glasgow’s newest football masters on their idea.

“Rangers will become a vocation in life, absorbing every minute of your precious time.”, I said.

There is something about Moses McNeil, which I like, where he always appears to have prepared an answer for your unspoken question.

“We are young, keen and raring to go, with our first match in the process of arrangement,”, Moses points at William McBeath, “with a team from the village of Callander.”

“Your first fixture is the most important building block. Queens Park’s first match was against Thistle FC on Glasgow Green.”, I explain proudly and choke with emotion.

Moses smiles, “Our training ground is Fleshers’ Haugh on Glasgow Green. The parallels with Queens Park are uncanny?”

“They certainly are, Moses, please look me up if you ever need a player or advice. I will always help another Glasgow football team flourish.”

Moses shakes my hand, “I was hoping you would say that.”

We bid farewell to the four young gentlemen, with bonds of football friendship engrained on our soul, and return to James’ home, where I collect my belongings. The Gareloch Boys’ stimulating football conversation has drowned the aches in my cramping legs.

I struggle down Berkeley Street with exhausted limbs and look forward to the Lord’s day of rest.

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