Chapter 120 – Glasgow’s Second Founders

Elizabeth McNeil stands, “I leave you to talk football.” The Berkeley Street matriarch leaves, squeezing Moses’ cheek on the way past.

Moses, Peter his elder brother by one year, William McBeath and Peter Campbell stand, which leaves James Hogg and I sitting, “Gareloch focusses on old sports; however we are fascinated with association football.”

Peter McNeil throws an old battered football at us, which I calmly catch, saving the table ladened with cups and saucers.

“Queens Park started when my friends and I stumbled upon football.”, I explained.

Moses steely blue eyes pierce the air, “Yes, indeed. Which is why I asked James Hogg if we could meet an original Queens Park man.”

My face flushes with pride, “How may I help?”

“Last week we walked through West End Park and agreed to form a football club.”, explains Moses

I throw the football back at Peter Campbell, “An excellent idea, may I ask what the team’s name will be?”

Moses opens Alcock’s Annual. “This Swindon team play in white trousers and white jersey with a blue star badge. I have convinced my fellow founders; we should call ourselves after this team.”

“And what are you going to call your new team?”, I ask enthusiastically.

All four teenagers look up at the ceiling, stand proud and shout, “Rangers Association Football Club.”

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