Chapter 119 – The Gareloch Boys

Peter Campbell and William McBeath, both fifteen years old, grab my arms and pull me to my feet.

“Far easier to get your breath back standing up.”, laughs Peter McNeil.

James Hogg saunters along Berkeley Street and completes his race, “You boys vanished. Who won?”

I push Moses left arm up, “A worthy champion.”

“Well, I think we have your attention now?”, said Moses, smirking to his young contemporaries.

Elizabeth McNeil provides soaked flannels and leads us into their home, where we spend the afternoon regaling stories of the Gareloch and their fascination with all types of sport, including shinty, athletics and rowing.

“We have closely followed Queens Park’s story,”, explains Peter McNeil, handing me a pile of newspaper clippings.

I smile at Henry Smith’s handiwork, “Other clubs are following our example, and competition is increasing.”. At the same time, I laugh internally at the lesson handed out by a sixteen-year-old today.

Moses leaves the room and returns with a large book, “This is Charles Alcock’s English Football Annual 1870, and we’d like to share our exciting idea.”

“I have met Charles a couple of times in London.”

The McNeil brothers throw astonished looks into the air, and William spits out his juice.

“You have met Charles Alcock?”, mumbles William.

“Of course, now tell me about this idea?”

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