Chapter 115 – The Starting Line

Berkeley Street cobbles create the starting point for three incomers to the city, who are competing for ultimate bragging rights. James Hogg from Gareloch, Moses McNeil from Rhu, both Argyll men, against me, the sole entry from Dufftown, Banffshire. 

“I think you’ll enjoy this.”, I explain, as I warmly shake Moses hand, “We will take in some of the best landmarks of the city.”

“I understand you are a member of Queens Park Football Club?”, said Moses. James had explained Moses is a mere sixteen years old and a formidable rower and runner, as well as other sporting interests. 

“I have been a proud member since our inception in 1867. Our motto is to provide recreation and amusement for all of our members.”

“Yes, I have heard. A football club is an exciting proposition.”, Moses eyes were flaring with enthusiasm, “An establishment creating footballing history?”

I was taken aback by his youthful cheerfulness and direct line of inquiry. I felt immediately we should discuss this at the end of the race. “Well, Gentlemen, are you ready?”

We discuss the route in detail while realising I have no idea of the competition, which flanks my left and right. I know Queens Park’s three training sessions per week will serve me well against these challengers. 

Time to put theory to the test.

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