Chapter 113 – Glasgow’s Fever House

Taking my leave from the Trades Hall and whilst standing on the concourse of Glassford Street, I vow only to return here with the required qualifications. My burning ambition to create a new Cartography Guild is impeded in one breath and rekindled with a roaring fire of ambition in another. This ambition must demonstrate the required criteria of creating wealth, employment and benevolence to the people.

I find myself looping around the great streets of Ingram, Buchanan, Dundas and Miller, looking at these forefathers of Glasgow’s commercial past for inspiration on how this mission will be accomplished.

Sitting in George Square, watching the sunset, a new world dawns, where I realise Carey & Fortis, England’s foremost cartographers, is again one step ahead of me. If I have got this wrong, what else have I arrogantly ignored?

My thought process is interrupted by the Newspaper Hawker shouting, “Read all about it.”. I give him one penny and purchase The Glasgow Herald.

There at the top of the first page, an advertisement screams, ‘Cook – wanted, an active strong Young Woman to act as Cook in the City of Glasgow Fever Hospital, off Parliamentary Road. References or testimonials indispensable. Apply to the matron between two and four.’ 

A calming sea of emotion flows out in front of me. This is the place to start.

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