Chapter 112 – The Deacon Convenor

The man I am following stops and turns around, “My name is Alexander Adam.”. We climb two sets of stairs and I am shown into the Deacon Convenor’s suite. 

The man behind the desk stands and shakes my hand, “My name is James Neilson.”

“Thank you for seeing me.”, I said.

“We have protected the Guildry of crafts since the masons, wrights and coopers were incorporated by King Malcolm III in 1057. By 1605, this expanded to fourteen incorporated guilds, serving our city.”, explained James.

We discuss in-depth our shared knowledge of the city.

“I fully respect the Guildry.”

“Our strength is our stability. You are not the first cartographer seeking to join our institution.”

“Oh.”, this statement knocks the wind out of me.

“I will give you the same answer, which I gave the last pair. Prove your worth, show us your contribution and how you go beyond business to support Glasgow’s population.”, said James, with his eyes staring intently. “If you do that then we might consider your request.”

“I take the mantle laid down. However, I have one final question.”

“Ask away.”

“Who were the pair that you were talking about?”

“I think you know the answer to that.”, James said with a wink.

“Thanks for your time. Please be assured, I will return one day.”

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