Chapter 109 – Glasgow Town Council

Robert and I walk down Hope Street, turn left onto Argyle Street and stop at the junction with Glassford Street, marking the start of the Trongate. 

“How much have you learned, Robert, about Glasgow’s Town Council’s origins?”

“Glasgow Town Council was originally housed at the Tollbooth, governs the city, holds the Justiciary and levies duties on goods coming into the city. The Tron was the Gaelic word for measuring scales, which was used for the calculations of these levies.”

“And what about the people that run this organisation?”

“The Lord Provost, Bailies and merchants are annually elected. They moved to Jail Square in the Saltmarket in 1814, showing their increasing ambitions for larger buildings. The tram system will be a major improvement to the city.”

“Again the literal answer. How do you think we can get a seat at their table?”

The flickering of Robert’s eyes betrays his mind working through the options.

“We must be the best prepared, best informed and have a network that surpasses the competition?”

“Excellent answer.”, I stand smiling, “That is ‘the what’. Now it’s time to discuss ‘the how’?”

We reach the magnificent Tontine Hotel, walk under its arches into the main piazza and through to the main city cafe. This is where business affairs are conducted and where it is to be ‘seen‘.

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