Chapter 106 – Bravest Die First

Mary laughs wickedly, “Did you get a fright?”

“How did you get in?”, I ask, whilst my heart is trying to thump its way out of my chest.

“Your security is amateur.”

I sit down, “How did you know I was going to be here?”

“I have my ways.”, Mary’s youthful smile and crisp words continue, “Just like being able to pick my way through your locked door.”

“I assume you bring news.”

“Yes and a warning.”, Mary provides her comprehensive briefing while playing with a gilt-edged envelope. 

“Do you know where I wrote that letter?”, I said pointing at the envelope.

“Ah.”, Mary replies and stares into my eyes.

Mary sits back and laughs cruelly, “In this life, you will have to be one step ahead of everyone, including me.”

“And the answer?”, I ask, hoping for once I have beaten the great inquisitor.

“A wager will make it more exciting?”

“Will fifty-one shillings suffice?”

“Yes, indeed.”, Mary rights herself until her back is perpendicular to the floor and utters one simple phrase, “The top of Queens Park.”

I scour my mind and I conclude I have never mentioned this, “I am glad you are on my side, Mary.”

“Sides are for recreational purposes. This is business.”

Mary gets up and leaves the office without another word.

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