Chapter 104 – Early Bird Catches

Six bells echo down the hall from the grandfather clock. I have missed these home comforts over the last six weeks and this brass bell melody is a chorus to my ears, signalling a new week, a return to Thompson & French Headquarters and most importantly, reviewing our progress on our ambitious projects.

Emelia is sleeping soundly, as I tiptoe from the bedroom, ensuring I leave the household in silence. I meet Swissy in the hall, where a tender clap suffices him before he returns to his corner basket.

I proceed to our kitchen, where Agnes, our Housekeeper, is yet to appear, however she must have predicted my early exit, as the table is set for breakfast. Emelia explained how well Agnes has looked after the household in my absence. I go into the pantry and place a tea caddy, with a brief note expressing my sincerest gratitude, knowing Agnes will spot this in seconds.

I head out into Moray Place, greeting the local dairyman and make my way into the heart of Glaschu. My current objective is to be the first person in.

I walk up Hope Street until I reach 123 and stand outside in the winter darkness taking in this beautiful building. Suddenly I realise there is something amiss. 

I push the unlocked door open and walk in.

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