Chapter 103 – Health Is Everything

Tonight I look for solace and head out into Strathbungo’s finest avenue. A place named Moray and built by the greatest architect of modern times. The evening is lit by lamps, beautiful in their simplicity and composed in their regularity.

I hear a familiar voice from across the fence.

“How was your business trip?”, asks Alexander.

“One of the best yet. Edinburgh, Sheffield and London are fascinating, with history and buildings, which enlighten the soul.”, I reply.

“They certainly do. How is the family?”

“I shouldn’t have left Emilia for this amount of time. I have learned a valuable lesson. Enough about me, how is business?”

“I am very much in demand. My latest construction is eleven houses on Great Western Terrace. There are notable tenants expected, including William Burrell, James MacGregor and Robert Blackie.”

“A demanding customer list?”

“Yes. Robert Blackie has asked me to design the interior of No. 7 for him. However, my asthma and bronchitis are worsening and Jane keeps telling me to take it easier.”

“Wise words, my friend.”

“I must go. Long may our adventures continue.”, said Alexander, as he made his way into his house, coughing the entire way.

I whisper a phrase to myself, “Health is everything.”

I lock the lesson away in my mind and stroll into the cold evening air.

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