Chapter 102 – Long Road Home

David Wotherspoon and Robert Gardner are left in London to arrange a football fixture against the Auldest of Enemies, England. My four weeks in Edinburgh, followed by two weeks in London, have been exhilarating and exhausting. Now it is time for home.

In the train, I review Thompson & French’s position. We are flourishing in Edinburgh under James Hogg and I have completed my review of potential sites in London. Tomorrow, I am meeting Robert Macleod for his Glasgow progress report. Finally my mantra of ‘work hard, play hard’ has been fulfilled, where football has been woven into this trip’s fabric.

The train steams into Queens Street Station and I spring up a carriage footplate.

“2 Moray Place, as quick as possible?”, I ask the coachman.

We race through the city’s streets and arrive in the Strathbungo Terrace, where I disembark. I am greeted by a loud bark and Swissy charging down the path at me, with Emelia, Arabella, Lewis and Adair standing in the doorway. 

I hug the children, saving the biggest squeeze for Emelia.

“Good evening.”, I cheekily say to the highland lass.

Her look of loneliness stares back at me. 

“Please don’t go away for that long again.”, pleads Emelia, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I promise.”, I replied, knowing this one will be difficult to keep. 

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