Chapter 101 – Money Rules Football

The Queens Park players look to David Wotherspoon for the answer. 

“Can we afford to replay the Wanderers?”, asks David Wotherspoon, “One for tomorrow, as today, we celebrate.”

Captain James Smith stands proudly, “An excellent display, Gentlemen, we effectively played with ten men for eighty minutes and they could not break our defences.”

I burst with pride, “The crowd were astonished at our unique passing game.”

“This is an epoch-making event in football. Wanderers fielded eight internationals, even those who played for Scotland.”, said Henry Smith, declaring his disbelief at Scotland recently being represented by Englishmen.

The following day, David Wotherspoon, Henry Smith, James Smith and I meet to discuss the position.

“Crystal Palace and Royal Engineers hold their replay on Friday. Even if we replay Wanderers tomorrow, we will have to travel back again for the final.”, David explained.

“What is our financial position?”, James asked.

“Our balance sheet has £4 and funded £6 for this trip”, David replied.

“We have no choice. We have to scratch from the competition.”, said Henry, shaking in disbelief.

The mixed pot of emotions boils into the air. 

David Wotherspoon smiles. “Robert Gardner and I are staying for a fortnight and requesting the Football Association bring a team across the Tweed.”

“Worth coming down then.”, I joked.

The room fills with laughter.

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2020 ————————————-

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