Chapter 98 – Queens In London

The last ten days were eye-opening, navigating London’s and Sheffield’s streets, whilst determining my next steps for Thompson & French and witnessing England’s footballing world.

I meet James and Robert Smith at Kings Cross Station on this early Sunday morning and excitedly await the arrival of the Glasgow train. 

“There has been much angst about the travelling costs with several Committee Meetings held.”, I explained, “£6 was finally approved, diverting the collection from the cancelled trip to the Borders, with the balance found through voluntary player subscriptions.”

“Everyone wants to be in the first Scottish Team to play on English soil.”, Robert replied.

“I hope we go to the Borders soon. We would show them another option to rugby.”, I said.

The train steams into the station and our friends file out of the carriage. 

I warmly shake hands with David Wotherspoon, Secretary and Henry Smith, President. “How was your overnight journey?”, I asked.

“Everyone is in excellent spirits and excited about our first trip to London.”, Henry explained, “However, James Thomson couldn’t make it. Unfortunately, J.J. injured himself a few days ago.”

The partnership of James Smith and JJ Thomson at half-back have become a fearsome combination.

I gather everyone, “Gentlemen, the Wanderers are hosting a banquet tonight in the Freemason’s Tavern. Time to meet tomorrow’s opponents.”

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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