Chapter 97 – Footballs Glass Roof

I board my carriage bound for Sheffield Victoria, passing St Mary’s Church with its imposing tower, standing over one hundred feet tall. The route continues along Granville Street, passing Norfolk Market Hall and Corn Exchange, before I disembark at Sheffield Victoria Train Station.

This solitude is interrupted from behind.

“What are you doing in my city?”

I spin on the spot and find Henry Carey staring at me, through his gold-rimmed, bespectacled, narrowing gaze.

I chose my words quickly. “Sheffield boasts the oldest football club in the world?”

“Sheffield Football Club, born on 24 October 1857, are the founding fathers of football. The Sheffield Football Association’s dominance continues and our victory over London’s Football Association, proves my point.”, says Henry.

“Your greatest undoing will be looking to the South and not the North.”, I said.

Henry Carey and his entourage burst out laughing. 

“England’s clubs are the vanguard of football and will echo through history. Carey & Fortis will follow suit.”, Carey triumphantly declares.

A calmness descends over me and my next words are found with relative ease.

“The Queens’ Park Football Club is coming. We will redraw your map. Never forget the moment when your glass roof falls in.” 

I gaze up into the vast sheets of glass above my head, smile cheekily and head for the London train.

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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