Chapter 95 – Scotlands Committee Place

I turn to Robert Smith and shake his hand in congratulation. 

“This is momentous, Robert, and will greatly increase Queens Park’s influence. We have a seat at the table.”, I said.

The committee continues with the first amendment to the Association Rules proposed by Wanderers.

“Update Rule Three: change goals after each goal is scored until half-time. If no goals are scored by half-time, goals are changed. After half-time, they will not be changed again.”, Alcock explained.

This passes through without intervention.

“Proposal to change Rule Seven”, Alcock continues. 

There was a distinct sound of shuffling in the chairs, as Alcock reads out the proposed change by Sheffield Football Association to introduce corner kicks. 

You could tell many had practised their speech and a hot debate ensues. The proposal is put to the vote and carried, placating the Sheffield contingent.

Over the proceedings, five changes are made to the twelve laws of the game. The meeting ends with several votes of thanks and closed by Morley. 

We make our way through to the hotel bar and toast Queens Park’s health with a fine whisky.

“I checked with Henry Smith, the team leaves Glasgow on Saturday evening on the 5 minutes to nine o’clock train. The semi-final of the Football Association Challenge Cup against Wanderers is here.”

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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