Chapter 94 – Football Association Committee

President Ebenezer Morley, the creator of the Football Association and the first set of association rules, takes the chair at seven o’clock. 

“At the 1868 AGM, Morley explained there were no funds and the expenses of £5 had been covered by the officers.”, Robert whispered.

“They were effectively bankrupt?“, I replied quietly.

“Yes, however, they were saved by reducing club subscription from one guinea to 5 shillings and writing to every football club asking them to join.“

The previous meeting minutes are confirmed and the appointment of the new Committee begins. Morley of Barnes Football Club; President, Alcock of Wanderers; Honorary Secretary and Treasurer and Upton Park’s Alfred Stair; Assistant Secretary.

“This must be a large workload?”, I asked.

“Indeed and they have large roles in their home clubs. We owe them a deep debt of gratitude.”, replied Robert.

Alcock continues reading out the newly elected Committee Members.

“Stephenson; Wanderers, Betts; Harrow Chequers, Gifford; Civil Service, Kinnaird; Old Etonians; Marindin; Royal Engineers, Weston; Barnes, Allport; Crystal Palace, Nash; Clapham Rovers, Hastie; First Surrey Rifles, Vidal; Westminster School, Rothera; Nottingham, Skinner; Sheffield Association, Clark; Maidenhead, Ottoway; Oxford Association and Clutton; Reigate Priory.”

“Gentlemen, we have one final Committee position. Robert Smith of Queens Park Football Club.”

My jaw hits the floor. We now have a Scotsman on the inside. Game changer.

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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