Chapter 92 – The London Search

My week commences with meeting George, my architect friend, who has a great knowledge of London.

“I have one objective. A large office with adjoining accommodation, close to Kings Cross Station and an address befitting of Thompson & French.”

“I like a challenge”, replied George, and we head into the bustling city.

At five o’clock, we head to our final stop. We alight at 61 – 65 Great Queen Street in Covent Garden and head into the Freemasons Tavern.

“This was built in 1775 and is a meeting place for a variety of institutions.”

“Edward Morley wrote to Bell’s Life and proposed a governing body for football. This led to eleven clubs from London meeting in this tavern on 26 October 1863. They passed the following motion: ‘That it is advisable that a football association should be formed for the purpose of setting a code of rules for the regulation of the game of football’.”

“Interestingly the Football Association has run out of money once and last year Alcock invited Sheffield Football Clubs Association to join. This was agreed on the basis that Sheffield could continue to adhere to its code of rules.”

“So much for one set of rules?”, asked George.

“Yes indeed.”, I said smiling, “I am going to the Football Association AGM tomorrow and rather looking forward to it.”

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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