Chapter 87 – The Royal Seat

James Hogg and I arrive in London’s King Cross Station, where the air is bitterly cold and filled with smog. We quickly climb into our hackney carriage. 

“There were few hotels before the railways. People stayed in coaching inns or rented houses.”, I said.

We arrive in the burgh named after the May Fair, which was held in the first two weeks of May until 1762. This event became notorious after a ‘group of young women of light character’ were attempted to be excluded, resulting in a riot. 

“Mayfair is the most affluent burgh of London.”, I said.

We arrive at Brook Street and greeted by our Hotel’s proprietors, William and Marianne Claridge.

“Welcome Gentlemen. Your dinner is waiting for you”, said Marianne.

In the morning, I meet James and we head out into the city. We head along Brook Street, turn right onto Bond Street until Piccadilly and then head down the Queens Walk, arriving at The Mall.

“You are standing in the centre of the Empire, James. What do you think?”

“I have always wanted to see Buckingham Palace.”

“This is the city where everything happens, James.”, I said to James with a wink.

His nervous laugh confirmed my ambition was noted. 

“Today is 24 February 1872. Time for football. Kennington Oval is our next stop.”, I said.

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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