Chapter 81 – Beyond City Limits

We sit in Alexander Campbell’s office; the heart of Thompson & French’s printing operation. The interior glass walls provide constant views of the floor below. Alexander leaves and James Hogg and I discuss the Dean of Guild Contract.

James lays out the part completed map of Glasgow South.

“Excellent progress, however, we need to show we understand the City of Glasgow’s expansion plans. In 1870, they attempted to annex the burghs of Govan, Hillhead, Partick and Maryhill and was defeated in Parliament. They were beaten then but they are returning and considering other burghs.”

James’ expression changes from confidence to anxiety.

“I want you to map Crosshill, Kinning Park, Govan and Langside. Cary & Fortis don’t know the city and will stick within the City Limits.”

“We are already struggling to meet the deadline”, said James, with his shoulders sinking.

“You’ll work it out.”, I said with a reassuring laugh.

Alexander returns with freshly made tea and scones.

“How are the family, Alexander”, I ask.

“Very well. In fact, my cousin, Thomas Maley, moved over from Newry, County Down and settled well in Cathcart with his family. He is ex-army and his son Willie has started at Miller, Higginbotham & Co. Printworks. He is a talented lad of 13 and is a keen footballer.”

“I’ll have to meet him.”, I said, smiling.

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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