Chapter 80 – Print Works Inspection

I stand in the yard of my Print Works and check my pocket watch, which reveals precisely 8 o’clock. The gate opens and Alexander Campbell, my Print Works Manager, marches in. 

“Good morning, Alexander”, I said.

The look on the man’s face remains steadfast.

“I always believe a surprise visit reveals all. Don’t you think?”

This approach has two clear benefits. Firstly, the site has not been prepared for my visit. My first rule of business is to be prepared for any eventuality: a tightly run and clean operation should be maintained at all times. The second benefit is to see how Alexander reacts to the unexpected.

“Would you like a cup of tea?”, Alexander said.

“A most excellent idea.”

On the way to his office, we pass spotlessly clean printing presses, boxes stacked neatly and floors clear.

“No one goes home until the cleaning is done”, Alexander explains. “I ask them to treat this place like their home.”

Alexander is from a military family and is a member of the local Volunteer Rifle Corps based in Strathbungo. His discipline reflects his training and ensures his staff maintain his high standards.

This inspection concludes and we both agree this is an excellent start to the year. 

At that moment James Hogg arrives. This is the second reason for my visit.


———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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