Chapter 76 – Captain v President

Henry Smith, Club President, stands proudly with his team, facing James Smith, Club Captain, where I, and his band of men, stand ready for the final interclub game of 1871. This is particularly poignant, as James is heading to London, following in his brother’s footsteps, where I am sure he will continue to serve Queens Park from our furthest outpost.

This is the final of a series of six matches, where two wins each and one draw have been recorded so far. Today is the final day of November. 

James rouses our legion with a fine speech.

“This day is enshrined in The Declaration of Arbroath in 1320. Our flag is based on the legend of St Andrew, who appeared before the King of the Picts, telling him to watch out for the “Cross of Christ in the air” before a battle with the Angles. The Saltire is the ‘magical white cross of St Andrew, appearing in the blue sky’. Play with our flag in mind Gentlemen, and we will be victorious.” 

A renewed energy courses through us. With David Wotherspoon, JJ Thomson and William Ker in our ranks, we deliver a decisive result for our great friend.

Exhausted and uplifted, I head for home. Only two weeks until my friend, George Cowie, comes to visit: my excitement is renewed.

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