Chapter 74 – Glasgow Street Tramways

When I return upstairs, I ask Robert into the Office.

“By September we completed a detailed map of the 2¼ mile route from St George’s Road to Eglinton Toll. The Town Council was most impressed and proudly displayed it at their first ceremony.”, said Robert

Robert shows me the map and points to the junction of Park Street and Great Western Road.

“This is where the acting Chief Magistrate, Baillie Watson, gathered a large assemblage on 22 September 1871. The centre of the road was sealed by chains and stakes, marking the point where the tramway would begin.”, said Robert

I point at the imprinted words at the bottom of the map, ‘Transportation Superior to the Old’.

“Ahh, Watson’s speech included a line: ‘I am convinced that this new mode will be superior to the old’”, Robert said smiling.

“You have a great interpretation of words.”, I said, pondering on his immeasurable creativity.

In the corner of the map, there is an emblem.

“And what is this?”, I ask.

“Watson was given an ebony-handled silver mounted spade and pick-axe to break the ground. These are emblems of invention and construction”, said Robert

“The construction map is completed but how do we bring this to the people?”, I ask.

And with that Robert rolls out an even larger map.

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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