Chapter 72 – Emeline Margaux Fontaine

The elegant lady takes back her handkerchief graciously. 

“Parlez-vous Anglais?”, George asks using up his entire French vocabulary in an instant.

“Yes, I do. My name is Emeline Margaux Fontaine. Pleased to meet you.” 

We introduce ourselves to Emeline, although she announces she is in quite a rush and must be going. We are left staring after her and are only interrupted by Robert Smith, who marches up to us to find out our thoughts on the match.

Our French exchange was shortlived, however our inquisitive minds were left wondering. Why was Emeline here? Who was she here with? Will we see her again?

George has reserved a table at Rules Restaurant once again. We always enjoy this immensely and there is no better way of spending an evening in London.

The next day I visit The British Museum. Built in 1753, this is the world’s first national public museum, founded from the will of Sir Hans Sloane, who bequeathed his collection of 71,000 objects to the nation. I am astonished that it is free to enter and wish I had more time to roam the antiquities, books, manuscripts and sculptures. Emelia would thoroughly enjoy this place and make a promise to bring her here.

The journey, unfortunately, comes to an end. Time for home. Time for Thompson & French.

———————————- © Graeme Brown 2019 ————————————-

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